Masking Tape 846

Master Grade Painting

"Paper Crepe tape with rubber-resin, high adhesion adhesive, high cohesion and excellent tensile strength. This tape has a very good impermeability to common solvents used in commercial paints. Easy to remove without leaving residue."

"Used in masking operations industrial equipment and machinery, as well as for automobiles and truck OEM assembly plants where baking is used with temperatures up to 150°C. Due to its resistance, is also used to mask parts in electrostatic painting operations. Thanks to its good holding power, this tape is an excellent option to mask in geographical zones where temperature and humidity are very high. It could also be applied on surfaces like cement, stucco, plaster, aluminum, glass, metal and wood on water and solvent paint jobs. Also very useful for heavy packing, sealing, bundling and common uses at home, the shop, school and the office."